Khosi and Marvin from Big Brother Titans have a business together

Khosi has taken it to social media to reveal that she will be launching her business in Nigeria, Marvin is one of the founders and also an investor to the business. Now people know why they were spe ding so much time together. I think Khosi needs to do more work in order to make this opportunity a success. Her fans have been supporting her since the year started, hopefully it will grow and become one of the best.



Marvin and Khosi have been spending a lot of time together, doing fitness and partying together. Some people thought that they were spending too much time together or could be falling in love, but it was not the case. Khosi respects the relationship that Marvin has with Yaya. Since they will be finally launching this business, Yaya will be the host of the event. This business is all about fitness and keeping your body healthy all the time. I think Khosi did well to partner up with Marvin because he has been passionate about staying fit all the time.

Congratulations to both of them. It is great to see a South African woman like Khosi working with Marvin. Now all the things that Yaya got to do is to support her man and her best friend Khosi. I like the fact that Yaya is not being judged, she is just being herself. They hired her to be the host which is great for her, they keep everything to themselves. Fans should definitely support them always.