Look who was spotted with Makhadzi that left people talking.

A picture of the famous South African musician and performer Makhadzi which is circulating on social media left people talking. Makhadzi, who is loved and supported by many South Africans, was spotted with the controversial and popular sangoma, Gogo Maweni.




The picture of these two celebrities being together left many people talking. Some people suggested that Makhadzi and Gogo Maweni were serving friendship goals as they shot the picture and were apparently seen in a cozy friendship.

The reality is that we never knew about Makhadzi and Gogo Maweni being any closer to each other. They might have bumped onto each other at an event and decided to have a nice picture together. But then, living a celebrity life is difficult because people always have their perceptions about you.

Some people just made fun of it and said that at least the pair is not that hot. “Just imagine Makhadzi and Pearl Thusi.” Someone said.

However, someone went too deep into it and talked about Makhadzi’s relationships. “Who broke Makhadzi’s heart? It will end in tears, hopefully she is doing it to teach Open Mic a lesson.” Another user responded.

The picture left people with speculations on whether Makhadzi will consult Maweni to fix her relationship issues or the Open Mic saga. Maweni has previously claimed to be a powerful sangoma when it comes to fixing relationship problems or casting spells. She boosted about doing it on her ex-lovers. In the end, the photo remains just a picture of two celebrities, as no details of it have been revealed.