Uzalo: Nkunzi will disown Sebonelo See Why

Nkunzi will disown Sebonelo, because currently he made him lose everything, remember he trusted Sebonelo and make him in charge in his business, but Sebonelo made a money laundering using his business so now the police discovered the truth and they closed all Nkunzi’s businesses because of Sebonelo.

Nkunzi will feel betrayed by his now son because he was not aware that Sebonelo is making money laundering under his businesses.


And what is really breaking Nkunzi heart is that, Sebonelo was the one who was going to inherit Nkunzi’s wealth because already he was trying to train him.

So eventually Nkunzi will decide to disown Sebonelo because he fail him a lot as his father, so Sebonelo will have to take his own path.

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