Anele Mdoda Defends Teacher Who Grabbed School Girl ‘

There is a picture that was shared on social media site Twitter yesterday (Tuesday 23 May) showing an unknown school teacher posing for a picture with a group of school girls who are all wearing uniform, the picture in question shows the teacher grabbing one of the school girls by her waist, and the picture has sparked a lot of drama on Twitter as a lot of South Africans have responded by criticizing the teacher for holding the school girl by her waist as they believe that it is “inappropriate”.


One South African Twitter user even asked if it is appropriate for teacher to be posing for pictures while holding a school girl by her waist, and many South Africans on Twitter responded by making it very clear that they believe that it is “inappropriate”, but earlier this afternoon (Wednesday 24 May) the popular South African radio host and TV presenter Anele Mdoda defended the teacher as she believes that there is nothing wrong with the teacher holding the school girl by her waist.