Skeem Saam: Leeto told Babeile to release Dragon but he refused

Leeto bought a night club but he has lived in fear because Dragon was threatening him. He decided to hire Dragon so that he could protect himself.


Bethuel was arrested for the murder of Sewisha and Dragon told him that if he told the police about him then he will get in trouble. Dragon told Leeto told to represent Bethuel so that he can be out of prison and he did.

After Bethuel was released, he committed suicide. The police knew that it was not suicide so they suspected Dragon. They arrested Dragon and he called Leeto. He asked Leeto keep him out of jail if he does not want anything bad to happen to him.

Leeto wanted to refuse but Dragon told him that if he goes down they will go down together because they know the truth about Sewisha’s death. Leeto went to talk to Babeile. He told him that he should release Dragon because he has an alibi. Babeile refused.