Melita Snubs Mr Kgomo In The Worst Way Imaginable.

Melita had just ended her relationship with Mr Kgomo and SkeemSaam. She also quit the job which he gave her. Melita had resigned from her permanent job to join Nonyane airways, dodgy business from Receptionist to Executive. She will run to Obed crying tears soon and if he doesn’t re-hire her, she will threaten to spill the beans.



Melita has proven to be a professional prostitute of note in that drama. Mzansi think that there is no “Executive position”. Mr Langa is playing with Melita just to score. Everyone knows Mr Langa as dogged person who is unprofessional.

Melita’s new relationship with Mr Langa is going to ends in tears, just like what happened to Sonti and her nuts. Mr Langa has scammed a woman before. Mzansi think he only wanted to sleep with Melita and will discard her after. I can already see Melita crying in her bed after realizing that Langa played her with that “Executive position”.

After so many sacrifices and lies to his family, he still cannot believe that Melita Left him. Obed has become mentally unstable because of cheating. Kgomo is messing up and opportunity to leave this affair without any consequences.

Mrs Kgomo is certain, sure, that her husband is not cheating on her. She is bragging about the diamond necklace, which was meat for Melita. The day the truth comes out about Mr Kgomo. I feel for Mrs Kgomo the way she’s carrying herself.

Melita have just resigned from her permanent job to join Nonyane airways and mzansi think she’s making a mig mistake. What do you think? Is she making mistake or not?