Rip: Mma Dlomo Has Sadly Passed Away

Melikhaya is currently trending all over social media for all the wrong reasons, he shared the sad news about the sad passing of his wife. He is hurting after losing his soulmate he even went as far as stating I’m not ready to bid farewell to you.

While her wife was still alive, they had beautiful memories he even went as far as saying God was faithful in our lives.

When you’re mourning a loved one, the pain is unbearable. He was hurting to a point that he didn’t get into details regarding the course of her death.


Our prayers are with him and his family, we are going to give him space to mourn his beautiful wife, he’s going to release the funeral details whenever the time is right. May she rest in peace, he lost a good woman, I feel on the behalf of her children. They going to