Viewers react to the Saturday night party

Why is it supposed to be equal, Ipe won the veto fair and square, tastii won head of house fair and square if Tbangers and khosireigns are able to save those two as well then it’s fairNothing concern let him come house campaign for khosi we will meet next week.


Thabang is going home with blaq and Justin 4 SA can’t go to final is supposed to be 3,3 so it doesn’t look biasMe too I think khosi and kanaga are in the finals because they have matching colors

Last week we were told all wearing black will go if you in orange you not going only have pink evicted we will see when that time arrivesBlaqboy doing his possible best to entertain his fans.

Why do I have this weird feeling that the housemates with weird looking extras to their outfits are going home tomorrow?

They should discontinue this Bbt we can not tolerate being disrespected by Nigerians everytime a South African dj comes thru no it’s enough we are fine with our BBM.