Tau and Maseko came face to face since they fought for Kim

Maseko threatens to beat up Tau on the stage at the reunion of their show but Tau was not ready to be on the lower side of the argument. Tau showed Maseko a video of him kissing Kim but Maseko did not believe what he was seeing on the video. Instead. Maseko said he will believe all of this once he sees them with his own eyes.


I think Maseko was very embarrassed that Kim cheated on him and he didn’t know about. Tau on the other hand he keeps on stealing Maseko’s women and make them his.

He started with Kim but unfortunately Kim did not leave Maseko, then he took Fezile and he agreed to leave Maseko and be with Tau. Fezile is always in the middle of the fights no matter who he dates. He deserves a better man than Maseko and Tau.