Singer Kelly Khumalo Wanted To Know If People Went To Church

There is definitely a new way of doing things for a lot of people and it seems like singer Kelly Khumalo wants what is best for her fans. Sundays are specials days, Kelly and many other people prefer spending some time at church.

One could say that Kelly has been clear about her beliefs, but some seem to question where she really stands.

On Sunday, she took to Twitter to ask if people went to church, we assume that she did and she went on to post on her Instagram, showing everyone how she spends Sundays with the family.

It was beautiful to see that she really values family time, she is a performing singer, but it seems like she always has time for family.


We barely witness this in the entertainment industry, people are always focused on work, which can have a negative impact on relationships.

But then again, one would say that Kelly is spending a lot of time with family because she really cannot be moving as much as she used to. As you know, the singer is expecting, so there are certain things that she cannot do for now.

As a singer that is mostly booked, she will probably get back to work after the baby is born, but then again, maybe she will decide to take things slow.