Ex Skeem Saam becomes Mrs South Africa semi-finalist

The beauty pageant industry is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs for aspiring beauty queens. So many people try and never get the chance to enter the Mrs. SA (South Africa) or Miss Teen SA (South Africa). This is mostly because they may fall pregnant young and have kids, get married early, or just simply give up on their dreams.

This is why the concept of Mrs. South Africa was welcomed with arms wide open, as people would realize their childhood dreams and walk the realm that they never got to walk as singles, or when they were younger. Former Skeem Saam actress Pearl is one of those people who finally gets to live out her childhood dreams as one of the finalists for Mrs. South Africa.




Pearl took to her Instagram page to announce the good news, and she also asked people to follow her new page which is under the name “Pearl Nikolic-Semi-Finalist 2023”.

“God did! Please allow me to reintroduce myself. Your Mrs. South Africa Semi-Finalist 2023! Please follow my new Facebook page Pearl Nikolic-Semi-Finalist 2023 for all my #selfdiscoveryjourney with Mrs. South Africa #everywoman #MrsSouthAfrica”, wrote Pearl.

So many beauty queen hopefuls entered the pageant to realize what they missed by not making it to the semi-finals makes Pearl a winner already. Her post made a lot of sense because, for years, people have been saying that Pearl has the body of a beauty queen even though she has two kids.

@poppydextras commented on Pearl’s post and said, “Yes! We are behind you queen all the way to the crown. You can do it all through Christ who strengthens us. @mirriam15 do your magic queen