See real life Kelly Khumalo Once Dated In Her Life

Kelly Khumalo, a musician from South Africa, has just released a much acclaimed single called “empini.”

However, this 36-year-old woman has been accused of murdering her ex-lover, Senzo Meyiwa. Kelly has been accused of numerous things, leading some to believe she is possessed or otherwise plagued by evil forces. Some of her exes’ problems are perpetually attributed to her.

Kelly Khumalo’s exes and the issues that led to their breakup are listed below.

Mkwaiwa, Prosper

Kelly and Prosper had been working together for some time before they started dating in 2007. Prosper had been managing Kelly’s musical career and was also a business partner of hers. Kelly’s virginity was apparently broken by the late businessman.

After learning that her lover had an affair with a waiter, Kelly reportedly miscarried. Prosper passed away in 2013 after a brief illness. However, at the time he passed away, he and Kelly had already broken up.

Second jib jab

Kelly Khumalo and Jub jub had the longest relationship, with Kelly becoming pregnant with Jub jub’s son in 2009 and giving birth the following year.

Kelly Khumalo had been encouraging to Jub jub throughout their relationship, and she had even gone to court with him when he was charged with the accidental deaths of four schoolchildren. Kelly broke up with Jub jub because of abuse allegations; Jub jub disputed the allegations and said that she is lying to get attention. Jub jub was eventually found guilty of his crimes.

Three, Senzo Meyiwa

Kelly and Senzo began dating in 2013, after he had already been married to his wife for a while. Kelly, it seems, was completely oblivious to the fact that her paramour was already married. Kelly and her younger sister, Zandi, confronted Senzo’s wife in public after the latter’s spouse found out about his romance with Kelly.

Kelly gave birth to Senzo’s daughter in March 2014, after becoming pregnant a year later. Following a disagreement on October 26, 2014, Kelly Khumalo shot and killed Meyiwa in his home in Vosloorus.

In the fourth place, we have Zamokwakhe Bhaka Nzama.

Kelly began dating Nzama three months following Senzo’s death. Their relationship didn’t survive, though, because Kelly Khumalo was just his side chick (Nzama was a married man). Kelly allegedly pressured Nzama to divorce his wife in February 2015, but he declined. Kelly became enraged with him when he refused to do what he was ordered and began beating him up.

This man did not file any charges against her; he simply ended their relationship. Even though time had passed, Kelly still had feelings for Senzo, and the sangoma was merely a rebound.