“According To Rasta This is Riky Rick” Potrait See what pepole say ?.

Rasta the Artist gained notoriety for his portraits of prominent people, but it appears that his followers have had enough of his shoddy work at this point. On Mzansi social media, his most recent artwork of Riky Rick received negative feedback.

One of our very own Rasta the artist’s portraits of the late Ricky Rick cuddling his son was posted on Twitter.



Riky Rick supporters believe that Rasta has overused the “poor paintings” trope. They believe he need to make an effort to raise his level of proficiency or give up painting people altogether because he has started to upset them.

However, some fans have gone so far as to imply that Rasta may be struggling with racial difficulties and self-hatred as a result of the way he portrays various individuals. One claims that when he paints black people, his paintings are simply poor. The white people he depicts, however, are actually nice, if not outright good.

But despite the criticism he faces for his works, he continues to sketch.