UZALO’s Nkunzi shares talent on social media

The well-known Uzalo actor whose screen name is Nkunzi has advised South Africans to never send their poems or scripts to anyone, not even himself, and has mentioned that one should copyright it and keep it with them because their moment will come.


This is because there are a lot of people who are stealing others’ work in a way that once they have the script from another person, they go and use it for their own personal benefit as if it is their own.

This is happening in South Africa, and he has advised them as an actor who is fully aware of these things, he said that their time will come, and they should make sure that they avoid by all particular means to send their work to another person for verification purposes or just for lookup.

Many people are victims of such scams where they sent the scripts to another person hoping for their work to be published as their own and the person that they’ve put all their trust in just disappoints them and publishes the work as if it is their own.