Tamia Mpisane Cartier Bracelet a price tag of over R100K.

The Mkhize Mpisane Family is one of the richest families in south africa. Shawn Mkhize popularly known as Mamkhize together with her children , Andile Mpisane and Sibahle Mpisane live a very luxurious life , the family live in very big and beautiful house in the Affluent suburb of La Lucia in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal , they also own a fleet of luxurious and expensive cars.




The family often Flaunt thier luxurious life on thier respective social media pages , and they also had a reality TV show which aired on dstv mzansi magic where we got to see how the family live thier very luxurious life.

Andile Mpisane’s Wife Tamia Mpisane is also known to flaunt her luxurious lifestyle from trips to expensive clothes.

Tamia recently took to her Instagram page to show off her recent purchase , a very expensive Cartier Bracelet Set , Cartier jewelry is very expensive , The Cartier Bracelet has a price tag of over R100K. Tamia has expensive taste judging from her recent purchase and she sure can afford to spurlge on a very expensive Bracelet.