Mrs Madlala From Uzalo Looks Nice In Real Life

When people ask me about my profession, I always explain that acting is just that—a job—and that the person you portray onstage isn’t always who you are in real life. You can see that Mrs. Gladys Madlala of Uzalo doesn’t actually appear like that in these photos.

Her given name is Ntombifuthi Dlamini, just in case I forget. Are you aware that On Uzalo frequently wears wigs that only serve to accentuate her advanced years? In the next images, you can see how fresh-faced and lovely she really is. Please view the images below

Do you see what I see when I say she doesn’t appear the same in person? You wouldn’t think she’d go from being a cleaner to a fantastic actress.

How likely was it that you’d see her with a new ‘do? Sure enough, you just did. I’m not claiming she isn’t a churchgoer; I’m only attempting to explain the nature of acting by pointing out that it’s possible to play a religious character on film while leading a very different lifestyle off camera.