Tamia Mpisane’s mother out with Andile Mpisanes’ aunt in recent post.

We are fortunate to be living during an Era where family is not only Blood. Your friends can also be your family and have your back just like your family would. We also know that when a couple gets married their families become family as well. Hence the definition of family is now big.


Beliefs change over the years. That’s why we also have couples that are very serious but not married. As long as they introduce each other to their families, it makes them one as well. Tamia Mpisane is one of the youngest chairwoman in Mzansi. Her marriage to Andile Mpisane has put her in a big spotlight and she’s unjusting quiet well.

Her mother shared a beautiful picture of herself with Andile Mpisane’s aunt. The two ladies are dressed elegantly in their body hugging dresses. This is what we love about their family. They support each other in everything that one of them does.