Dr Shawn Mkhize leaves her fans like a basketball player.

Always be content with yourself. That way you won’t need any validation from anyone. Seeking validation from people makes us not to live our lives. We live them for other people and that is not good. When you love yourself, you can do anything that makes you happy without anyone’s comment getting to you.

Some days you have to switch things up. People’s months have to drop when they see you. Dr Shawn Mkhize is a well known businesswoman and reality star. Anyone who knows her knows that she does anything she wants. She is so happy she doesn’t bother anyone.

She shared beautiful pictures of herself dressed in a basketball outfit. It grabbed our attention because it made her look young. We have concluded she’s in her prime because she’s at a point where she wears anything that she likes. Her confidence makes her look even more beautiful. We are looking forward to more of her in such outfits.