Makoti causes a stir online after she was spotted with this. See pictures

I’ve never seen a regular person with a gun in my life, except in Botswana, and I hope that stays the case. same thing here in Limpopo. Some people have guns, but you won’t know about them until you accidentally see one. What’s cute about that? If you have a good , why do you call it cute?

But I guess guns are part of Zulu culture. Then she gets shot later, and you expect people to feel sorry for her. Nah fam. I was just about to say the same thing. People aren’t supporting what they see because they know that soon people will say, “Justice for her!” From their point of view, they think a woman shouldn’t be

They are saying that a couple shouldn’t have weapons with them because when they get angry, they start killing each other. We don’t even know where we would run because we don’t all believe the same things, which is why we do different things. People are still talking about the bride because she was seen with a gun during her lobola negotiations.




But because they both have guns, we don’t even know what they might be thinking.

It looks like they want to be safe when they are with their family. People are saying that the woman holding the gun doesn’t look cute at all. People on social media seem to be telling them that having a gun is one of their good things.