Dj Stokie, Amapiano Dj leaves people in awe after posting his new house. Is it worth millions?

Source: Dj_Stokie_SA

Over the past few years, we have been seeing more celebrities invest their money into things that seem to bring in more money for them. Celebrities such as Dj Sbu and Slikour are some of the few celebrities who are building big businesses and investing in building properties, such as houses and rental properties, in some of the most influential areas in the country. It seems that more celebrities are seeing the rewards that come with running your own business and building your house from scratch rather than buying into an area that has peaked in the potential growth of the market.

Speaking of artists who are building houses and investing in property, we should not forget bout the popular Amapiano Dj, Dj Stokie who recently left many of his fans and people on social media stunned after he posted two images of his double-story house, that he just built.

The house that Dj Stokie recently posted, seems to be getting a lot of attention because of how modern and contemporary it looks, the colors and the designs are just perfect for the house, and it seems people can’t help but be impressed by this house.


The comments section on the post was full of people congratulating the Dj on building such a beautiful house for himself and his family. Some people were even saying that this was inspiring them to also build their own beautiful houses. Dj Stokie is one of the few artists who seem to have motivated young people to start working hard to build their own houses.

Well, I believe that most of the young and upcoming artists in South Africa right now could learn a lot from artists like Dj Stokie, Dj Sbu, and Slikour, that’s because these artists realize that if you’re in showbiz the money isn’t going to be coming the way it is now 10 years down the line, so they ensure that they accumulate assets.