Check what people noticed about Doja cat that left them scared

Doja Cat outdid Kylie Jenner by channeling Avatar and donning full-to-toe crimson body paint, despite Kylie Jenner sporting a faux severed lion head on her garment at Schiaparelli’s haute couture presentation in Paris. The singer posed outside wearing a crimson dress from the fashion brand with a beaded skirt.


There was a rumor that Doja kitty had been applying cosmetics since five in the morning and that the look will be stunning before the Schiaparelli presentation on Monday morning.

She was Doja Cat, and when the rapper showed there, she didn’t let him down with 30,000 hand-applied red Swarovski crystals adorning her face, head, and arms. The crowd gasped in amazement as she entered the room dramatically.

Doja Cat’s been upping the ante with eclectic makeup looks each season, and this intricate assembly matched the silk faille bustier, hand-knit skirr of lacquered wooden beads and trailing shawl from designer Daniel Roseberry for an eerie effect. It was an haute couture week opener that will be hard to top. Inside the fashion show people couldn’t help but notice Doja cat looking like she zoned out starring at something, this caused a stir on social media with some claiming it is scary .