Sithelo Shozi gets a new tattoo

Sithelo Shozi gets a new tattoo on her arm and it looks beautiful. It seems as though since Sithelo Shozi split from her baby daddy Andile Mpisane, she is living her best life.





Sithelo Shozi recently did some cosmetic surgery in Turkey. She did a BBL, breast augmentation and she did her teeth in Turkey. She recently revealed her new body and she looked gorgeous. It seems as though Sithelo Shozi is continuing to make her body look and feel better as she also did a new arm tattoo.

The tattoo artist called ink boy on Instagram posted a picture of the tattoo that he did for Sithelo Shozi. We’re not sure if there is any meaning behind her new tattoo, but Sithelo Shozi looks much more happier and doing things for herself.

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