” Keep This As Evidence just Incase She Asks For Donations Again ” Zahara Caused A Stir With Photo

A photo of Zahara on the plane was posted on social media and caused controversy in the comments section.

As you know, Zahara is one of the South African celebrities who recently took a bumpy ride after following up with alcohol abuse allegations.

She endured her financial meltdown and asked fans for donations so she could keep her home up and running, and the two did, but she seems to be back on her track.



But now that a photo of herself on her purported top flight has been posted, she’s back to spending money on needless things that could lead to bankruptcy again. She wonders.

Someone with the username “[email protected]” felt the need to share this scene with people on social media. September 29, 2022 around 10:00 AM:

Captioned 25″

This will be kept as proof when donating again.

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source: https://twitter.com/ChrisExcel102/status/1575582528475234304?s=20&t=ZpwbpSFjLhlfA_-unlc3YQ