Uzalo|Gabisile makes the biggest mistake of her life after cheating on Nkunzi


There’s a new guy in town and she has stolen the heart of Gabisile after making a huge donation to her fundraising last week, this time this guy wants to get a serious relationship with her after the kiss that they had last night.

But the word of advice for this guy is to leave Kwamashu soon before Nkunzi finds out about their little affair because he will kill them, and everyone knows in Kwamashu that Nkunzi is capable of killing those who stand in his way.


They are rumors that this might be the Puttin that everyone is afraid of and he is out to use a strategy that can cause a serious crisis in Nkunzi home by dividing them.

It looks like this guy is ready to take over Kwamashu because he has invested some of his business in KFM and he will be working closer to Gabisile every day.