Sello Maake Ka Ncube Breaks Internet Showing Off His Amazing Wife Serving Us with Couples Goals


A power couple is a couple who both compliments each other’s strengths and supports each other’s individuality. They are considered role models when it comes to relationships. Just like South African multi-proficient Actor and his wife.

Veteran Actor, Producer and Director Sello Maake ka Ncube has recently left fans dumbstruck with the sense of love towards her lifetime partner Pearl Mbewe Maake Ka Ncube. Sello, who has been visibly happy with his new wife Pearl, took to Instagram on Monday to gush over his wife and explain why this marriage will stand the test of time.

The talented Actor and his sweetheart are not only successful in their marriage but also their respective careers. Sello is an award-winning entertainer famed for his works and on-stage performances, while Pearl is an industrious woman with an impressive record to show for her hard work.

Sello Maake kaNcube has had an interesting love life which looks brighter after marrying Pearl Maake kaNcube. He took to his social media to express his gratitude for his worth and share words of wisdom with those who are still looking for theirs. This two power couple are one of the hottest celebrity couples in South Africa. Whenever the two step out they do it in style and often serve hot couple goals.

Besides being very business driven, one thing we’ve come to love and respect about Sello Maake Ka Ncube and Pearl is the fact that they’ve become each other’s pillar of strength. Behind every successful man is a successful woman like Pearl cheering her man on in everything he pursues.

Relationships today are not easy for many people as people come in relationships with motives and not with a dream of building a life with a person. Although some people don’t come with right intentions when they enter relationships, there are people out there who still respect and value relationships. People who still want someone to spend their lives with and create a happy home.

The lovely couple managed to build a home for their family and it looks like they keep getting stronger and stronger. Pearl is a businesswoman, social media influencer, investor in real estate and a motivational speaker. Mbewe also works as a brand advisor for numerous organisations, including her partner’s foundation.According to her Facebook bio, she is a “proud black woman” who has Zambian, Zimbabwean and South African (Sesotho) roots.

‌The two have proven that at the end of the day love Wins. They always rocking matching outfits that shows the power of their love against each other. What’s your thoughts about their affection? Generously share your thoughts by leaving a remark underneath and remember to click share button.