Skeem Saam| Mosebjadi gets her heart broken to see Kwaito leaving Turf High on Friday

She tells her friend Lewatle how broken she is to see Kwaito leaving Turf High. Mosebjadi enjoyed having Kwaito around because she is in love with him. At this point Mosebjadi does not see that her actions have put Kwaito in a very dangerous position.


She has not idea that her mother is the one who forced Kwaito to leave Turf High, because she threatened them to report the incident to the district. Mosebjadi should have talked to her mother about this. Will the viewers ever see Kwaito dating Mosebjadi in the future? They will look great together because Mosebjadi is a beautiful young woman.

Kwaito needs to go back to the engineering field, because even if he decides to be a teacher no one will hire him because of what happened between him and Mosebjadi. Mosebjadi will not get over this heartbreak easily.