She is a genius: Check out Diep City actress Mashenge ‘Dawn Thandeka King’ academic qualifications

Dawn Thandeka King is a household name due to her ability to keep Mzansi riveted to their TVs with her fearsome characters. Dawn exemplifies the idiom “dynamite comes in large packages”; her plus-size physique complements her nasty personality. She is a great actress who has won various honors. Mashenge and Mzansi have fallen in love with her character on Diep City, where she is currently dominating.

Dawn Thandeka King is not just an award-winning actress, but also a highly educated individual with a degree to prove it. Before pursuing a career in acting, the actress pursued a degree in theater to become an entertainer with academic credentials.

Dawn Thandeka KingDawn Thandeka King: Image source @Instagram
A look at Dawn Thandeka King’s academic qualifications




Dawn was born in Eshowe, Kwazulu Natal, on October 1, 1977. The actor engaged in postsecondary studies at Technikon Natal, which is now the Durban University of Technology, after graduating from high school with honors in acting.

After earning her degree, Dawn spent a long time working in the tourism sector before leaving her employment to pursue her passion for acting. She made her acting debut in the telenovela Lockdown, playing the role of Mazet. She killed off her Mazet persona, which helped her land additional acting roles. Years later, Dawn was hired to portray Mangcobo on Uzalo after another enormous door in the performing world flew open for her. She rose to fame thanks to her work on Uzalo and is now one of Mzansi’s highest-paid actors. She reportedly departed Uzalo after landing an acting role in Diep City, where she is the cast member earning the highest salary.
Actress Dawn Thandeka King on being a Sangoma

Dawn Thandeka KingDawn Thandeka King academic qualifications: Image source @Instagram

The well-known actress is talented in many other areas and gained notoriety when she revealed that she was a sangoma in real life. Dawn helps others through performing and by playing music. She envisions herself starting a practicing sangoma channel where she will assist those who are being afflicted by bad spirits.

You have no choice but to follow your calling. It needs your attention since it is brimming with energy, and you will need the assistance of other healers. Despite my struggles, I received assistance and learned that the gift can be used in a variety of ways.

Dawn is a successful businesswoman who manages an enterprise worth thousands of rands.