“She should find a job” Dr Mbali Mthethwa from Durban Gen under fire

Performer Nelisiwe Sibiya who plays Dr Mbali Mthethwa from Durban Gen has actually run into bother on Twitter.

Musa Khawula, an entertainment blogger, posted the specialist, and her fans quickly bounced on the entryway. Fans don’t figure Nelisiwe Sibiya can act, and they neglect to perceive how she tracked down another profession at Durban Gen.

Neliwise Sibiya is by and by getting smoke after snitch blogger Musa Khawula disseminated another photo of her by Donald.

Tweeps used the significant opportunity to examine Nelisiwe’s acting skills. Musa’s caption ensured that Nelisiwe can’t act, and when people saw the post, they included it as a legitimization to trash her.

“Secret febist, notwithstanding the way that she is delightful, it is hopeless she can’t act,” created Miya Buthelezi

“She isn’t dealing with her business at Durban Gen value, as I might want to think. Our industry should be more extensive and do whatever it takes not to enroll people who can’t act since they are striking,” commented Zakhile

Another tweep belive Nelisiwe should get another situation as she won’t win in news sources.

“She’s not a particularly respectable singer, which in like manner makes one miracle of what exactly she prevails at as an entertainer,” formed Dyan

“She is reliably with virgins, but there isn’t even a lone photo of her with the test bit on her temple. Allow me to stay quiet else.

Is it valid or not that she is at this point dating Robert? In like manner, she is a horrendous performer,” made Nteboheng. “I truly acknowledged I was the vitally person who saw her lamentable acting abilities.” made Leonard.”

“I acknowledge she is a spectacular performer yet a terrible performer.” created Thabiso Dladla




Fans are examining whether Nelisiwe, who plays Dr Mthethwa on Durban Gen, is an optimal decision to get everything done. She has been portraying this individual since the 2021 introduction of the show.

Since Durban Gen was not re-energized for another season one year from now, clearly Mzansi won’t have the choice to watch Nelisiwe’s acting any more, and they seem, by all accounts, to be happy at the thought.

Due to pieces of tattle that she is dating Robert Marawa, Nelisiwe Sibiya has been called each excessively basic name under the sun.

One Twitter client even implied Nelisiwe as an “secret febist,” a term used to depict someone who skips beginning with restricted then onto the following.

Enthusiasts don’t totally acknowledge that they are not dating regardless of the way that she has halted stories.

Regardless, the entertainer and performer don’t seem, by all accounts, to be irritated by what people are referring to her as she keeps on continuing with her best life.

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