Inno Morolong refuses to be compared to Sithell Shozi and here is why

In an Instagram live video, south African club have/socialite Inno Morolong has gone off again on Andile Mpisane’s kid mother Sithelo Shozi.

Inno is by and by comprehensively known for pursuing different huge names and socialites on her Instagram and is constantly inciting geniuses.

This time Inno Morolong has picked one with Sithelo Shozi again as she pursues the last choice for her choices in men and won’t be differentiated and her.

Two or three days earlier, Inno Morolong pursued her past buddy Opa and her darling Tapiwa on her Instagram account before unreservedly making up with Tapiwa.

The socialite was faulted for ingesting prescriptions by Opa, and she continued to spill all of his secrets and tell the world that he was done for.

Before that, Inno Morolong was sued by performer/finance chief Tebogo Thobejane for criticize after she said Tebogo set down with a president. Before all that, Inno had struggled with such countless enormous names to count, including her dear buddy Eva Modika.




This time the socialite has incited Sithelo Shozi again after she wouldn’t be diverged from her live on Instagram. As of late, Inno said that Sithelo Shozi was being pimped around Johannesburg, where she is by and by based.

This was after Sithelo went to Turkey to complete her body, and people contemplated where she got the money for a BBL.

Sithelo had uncovered that she is penniless and was presently crashing with her sister Ze Shozi who moreover actually got isolated. Various reports said that Shauwn Mkhize gave her the money to calm her down after Sithelo started offering everything on her life at her manor.

Regardless, Inno said that Sithelo was as of now pimping herself to people for money, and her information was from strong sources as she said.

She was on a live video this time when one of the watchers differentiated her and Sithelo Shozi, and Inno Morolong went off. She said she won’t be diverged from the other woman in light of the fact that Sithelo dates married men and young fellows.

Inno claims she dates single men who are age-fitting for her. Sithelo has jokes with business mogul Makhosini Maseko extensively known as Ruler Phil, who was hitched when they met, and Andile Mpisane, her lesser by six years.