House Of Zwide:Ona Needn’t Bother With Issac In His Home See What Issue Going To Do


Spot of Zwide fans are worn out on Ona Molapo this season following her impolite approach to acting towards her strong father Isaac (Jeffrey Sekele) and her natural father Funani Zwide this season.

Watchers of the style show have uncovered they switch channels whenever she appears on screen as they can’t stomach her storyline any longer.




Enthusiasts of the configuration show Spot of Zwide have not been astonished with Ona (Nefisa Mkhabela) storyline beginning from the outset of season two after she sorted out Isaac took her from Funani and he’s not her natural father.

The way that nothing has changed makes it been quite a while since reality with respect to Place of Zwide Ona sorted out that Funani (Vusi Kunene) is her normal father, and watchers bewildered.

Why hasn’t she moved in with her normal family since she really wants Isaac living with the Molapos?

Why doesn’t she accept Sandile ought to acknowledge her situation at HOZ since she would prefer not to work with Funani?

Why might she say she is finished preparation and lazing around in Tembisa?

Her storyline has been a colossal dissatisfaction as fans had selective principles from her character

“So Ona needn’t bother with Issac in HIS home and denies Keletso her father ko habo Keletso while making Rea feel awful for being devoted to her significant other? Infantile much! Phela Ona is nothing there, her enormous room, croissants, and a pool are holding on for her.”

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