Asante Mohosana makes some music with her piano that she got from Pearl Thusi.

Children look up to their parents for most of the things that they do. It is something that just comes naturally to them. Our parents might be a lot of things outside but to us, they are everything. That’s why we copy things that they do. It even comes naturally.

Both DJ Zinhle and her husband Murdah Bongz love music. It is not only about their job but they love music as well. They have accomplished so much since they came into their entertainment industry. They have a cute daughter named Asante who is being Mzansi’s favourite meme.






Murdah shared a cute moment of Asante playing her small piano that she got from aunty Pearl Thusi. She seems to love the tiny piano that suits her perfectly. This is a beautiful present because Asante has shown that she loves music. Maybe she will even be worse than her parents.