RIP : 22 People Have Been Found Dead In A Tarven In The Eastern Cape Province

The horrific scenery unfolded at the Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park earlier this morning. Messages were received requesting police, metro and ambulance assistance at the tavern.

The cause of the deaths is unknown at this time but there has been speculation that the patrons were either exposed to some form of poison or an incident resulted in a large number being injured and killed in a stampede.




At the tavern, bodies are lying strewn across tables, chairs and on the floor; with no obvious signs of injury. Outside, desperate parents and family members are begging to enter the premises while calling out the names of their missing loved ones. No one is answering them while a large number of police vehicles and ambulances are now on the scene.

Pending investigations no one really know what went wrong, soeculations say it may be Counterfeit alcohol that is being sold these days with wildfire must also look into it too, This country needs a double cleansing even a triple cleansing ,how are we waking up to news that 22 people are just dead.

Imagine the families of those who were there to enjoy their weekend only to find themselves in crisis and arranging a funeral, its heart breaking when you trust a liquor store with your life more especially alcohol that you buy sealed only to find your self in major health complicatiins