Prophet Bushiri And His Wife Allegedly Living Luxurious Life In Malawi, See This

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary who ran away from South Africa after they were granted bail over money laundering and fraud charges which they are facing are now allegedly living it large in Malawi.




Bushiri and his wife were spotted cruising in a boat, while clad in white and this send many furiously typing who feel this “man of God” swindled South Africans they monies and vanished.

“The Bushiri’s living large in home country. He promised his kids here in South Africa soft life then vanished in thin air. hai mara Papa,” a social critic reacted to the photo of Shepard Bushiri and his wife Mary.

The duo are also alleged to be building a luxurious hotel in Malawi, and this shows Bushiri might have long planned his exit from South Africa after asking his congregates to donate towards a massive project.

Bushiri followers have been defending him for a long time, and even the time that he and his wife were arrested, they protested for days calling for his release from jail. Although some regret donating their money to him, thousands of his followers are said to still be paying their tithes and offerings to him.

Others are even traveling to Malawi to meet with their prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife.

Critics however feel that even if Bushiri and his wife are living it large, but deep down he misses South Africa.

“Deep down this guy is missing the luxury he had in South Africa he knows that he went too far, he undermined SA citizens now he is building a so called smart city in Malawi. My brother that country is so poor with no competition people there believe in hand outs,” some said.