How Kwaito star got rid of illuminati mamlambo demon.

Elvis Shongwe has received assistance from Bishop Patrick Chauke, despite the fact that the road has been challenging.

Kwaito musician Des Lash has conquered the mamlambo that had been making his life a living nightmare after years of seeking therapy for the problem.

And all of this is possible because Bishop Patrick Chauke, who is also a gobela, is responsible. In the beginning of this year, Des Lash, whose actual name is Elvis Shongwe, mustered up the bravery to express his mind.

The man, who is 35 years old and is from Belfast in Mpumalanga, explained his experience to the Daily Sun by stating that he joined the Illuminati in order to become wealthy and powerful. Things proceeded from bad to worse in 2019, when he was urged to choose between sacrificing his mother or his kid. Because he did not comply, he was forced to give up his vehicles, his house, and his enterprises. He decided to tell the SunReaders his tale in the hopes that it might be of some use to someone.

“Daily Sun was my last chance since I had previously spent thousands of dollars on 24 izangoma who all failed to remove this,” he stated. “I had already paid thousands on 24 izangoma who all failed to remove this.”

Chauke made the offer to assist a week after the news was first made public.

Elvis said that the procedure took four weeks, and during the first week, he stayed at Chauke’s house since they were concerned of how the spirit would respond.

Even traveling to Chauke’s house became a challenge for him. It took me more than four hours to find my way out of the maze, and my friend’s vehicle broke down. I was not surprised since the same thing occurred each time I attempted to seek assistance.

He said that during the first week he got really ill.


I was overcome with weakness and was unable to articulate the issue. I was fortunate enough to be dealing with a powerful individual who had prior knowledge of this creature.”

Elvis reported that things had been going well, as the voices that had been in his brain had left, the black shadow that had been lurking over his shoulder had left, and mamlambo had left as well.

“I don’t even know where to start when it comes to expressing how delighted I am about this. This guy has provided me with a second opportunity.

Chauke said that Elvis’ forefathers had removed themselves from the situation since the spirit was in charge of Elvis.

“I brought him to a holy site to perform things that I can’t discuss, and everything went well. According to Chauke, “He is now undergoing therapy, and he will never have to worry about that matter again.”