Gomora viewers blast Moshe Ndiki ‘Mr Faku’ for terrible acting

Moshe Ndiki’s inaction has undoubtedly made things worse in Gomora, and Mzansi is certain of this. Unconfirmed rumors claim that he acquired his Mr. Faku on-screen persona through relationships and a big fan base rather than acting talent unequaled by anyone else.

viewers of the most popular shows The stars of the Mzansi Magic drama series expressed their unhappiness on social media. He was portrayed as a Gomora High student who was a friend of Gladys Dlamini’s family. Viewers of Gomora have been perplexed by his plot and unable to make the connection between his character and situation.




Gomora actor Gomora actor Moshe Ndiki ‘Andile Faku’: Image Credit @Instagram

Fans are curious as to how Moshe managed to land a role on the drama series. Since he was cast, his character has been trolled. On social media, he has been mocked by “he can’t act” supporters who want him removed from the plot.
‘He can’t act, he needs to go’: Gomora viewers blast Moshe Ndiki ‘Mr Faku’ for terrible acting

Thembi Seete, Thati, and Melusi’s (Zolis Xaluva), and Thati’s (Katlego Danke) love triangle plotline garnered a lot of backlash from the cum actor previous season. After the incident, he admitted that he was a die-hard fan of the program and had even been invited to the set.

He plays a harsh instructor in Gomora who lost everything due to his disgusting gambling habit. He ended up at Gomora High because of the habit, which cost him his luxurious life in Sandton and his comfortable private school employment. Even his sense of humor has been questioned and mocked by viewers during the chaos.

Moshe NdikiMoshe Ndiki: Image source @Instagram

Gomora seemed to be unable to maintain the moment despite earning numerous headlines with seasons one and two. The star-studded cast of the drama series has recently experienced a number of mass exodus. Mzansi is still holding out hope that Melusi and Don will return to the drama series to save the floundering ship amongst all of these problems.

Since it was disclosed that the drama series’ head writer, Chris Radebe, has departed, it has been dominating today’s trends.

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