Mzansi Please Pray For Alfred Mahongwa In #SkeemSaam. Here Is What Happened To Him

Mzansi has been feeling sorry for Alfred Mahongwa in SkeemSaam. It was heartbreaking and in experiences of Alfred to see his eyes not functioning. These kids wanted to blind principal Thobakgale but it missed to Alfred Mahongwa. #SkeemSaam is showing us what teachers are really go through at schools. It’s a very educational. For everything that Alfred has done, we cannot wish him the worse by seeing him losing his eye sight.

Many viewers are now worried about Pax and his attitude. SkeemSaam viewers feels like the school could have done background heck before they can take him to Turf High. Pax needs to be punished for his behavior. The pace that his running it seems like he is the one who is in control and all the learners are following him.

When Magongwa said “where is the light,” my heart broke, Paxton Kgomo must go to jail for this but then Mr Kgomo will bring up that Celia issue when she tried to kill Alfios. So no justice will be served. Mahlatsi knew Pax was the master of all the nonsense happening but protected him, turning Principal into crazy woman. Mahlatsi won’t say anything. We wonder what should happen for him to see how serious this is instead of sucking up to Pax? Mahlatse needs to tell his mother the truth. Celia will protect her family with everything she has.

The table have turned for Magongwa the irony that he was plotting to take down the principal. Now his the one lying in hospital bed. When you plot against someone. It comes back at you. We are not sorry for Magongwa but we hate that others pay but Lehasa walks free.

There are the possibility of Magongwa losing sight. What Pax did is so uncalled 9f him. He is not a child and he does not deserve to be a student.