Andile Mpisane wins the hearts of Mzansi. Check this out

Andile Mpisane’s latest performance has put Mzansi in a very awkward position. Andile Mpisane was seen performing at Propaganda Lifestyle Lounge, and people were not pleased with seeing him on stage as they were seen very much unbothered. However with all the negativity surrounding the performance Andile Mpisane still made Mzansi fall in love with him once more.

Fans admired his commitment in trying by all means to stand up for himself, by all means necessary. And he is not entirely dependent on his mother’s support. Which is what Mzansi admires from him. He would’ve easily became one of those people who go to clubs all day everyday, doing drugs, and all those other things that could lead to him blowing money. But he is out here trying by all means to have a career.




Public’s opinion:

It is not entirely bad to try out everything that comes your way, however you should try by all means not to waste time trying all the wrong route. There has been opinions that no amount of money can buy talent, no matter how monied you are you can never buy talent. Suggestions that he should consider opening a record label and try get very talented upcoming artists to groom and help grow.

It takes a lot of exploring for one to eventually find themselves. Parents who can support their child financially is the best thing that could happen to a child. And what makes it even exceptional is that the child should put themselves out there trying to make something of themselves.