Revealed Why Deborah Fraser’s Body Was Taken Back To Mortuary After Funeral

After the funeral, the body of Deborah Fraser was returned to the mortuary for shocking reasons.

Mzansi Upon learning that gospel singer Deborah Fraser had not been buried, he was astounded. The news was unexpected, given the weekend’s service for her funeral. a source claims that Deborah Fraser’s body was returned to the mortuary after the funeral service on Saturday. There were a large number of mourners during her funeral.





Deborah Fraser, a South African gospel legend, died last week after being brought to the hospital. Deborah was confined to a wheelchair after being diagnosed with excessive blood sugar levels. To say goodbye to him, his family and friends gathered at his funeral home on Saturday. Hundreds of mourners, many of them gospel musicians, arrived to show their support for the family and for the deceased. People were taken aback when, following the funeral, Fraser’s body was returned to the hash and the cars were driven straight to the mortuary.

People in KwaZulu-Natal have lost their possessions as a result of the heavy rains that fell throughout the region over the weekend. In order to return Deborah’s body back to the mortuary, Fraser’s family was forced to do so due to the flood. The family equated burying her in that water to simply throwing her in. Fraser’s family wanted to send her off on a high note by organizing a farewell party for her. The family has agreed to bury her as soon as the rain stops, according to the source.

Not only is Deborah Brinkley a talented singer, but she is also revered as a gospel icon. She has sung and appeared in a number of tracks. Since her death, her admirers have been contacting her loved ones to express their condolences.

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Her spirit may still rest in peace.