Muvhango – Is love hungry James chasing Imani away

While struggling to fix their relationship, Imani receives a surprise delivery from an apologetic James who acknowledges his mistake and wants to fix things and reconcile.

James has realised that he’s been wrong and he goes out of his way to apologise to Imani, but even though they make up, there are some hindrances to his plans to get into Imani’s good books again.

First though, James has to deal with Lesedi’s school project. Lesedi has to make a family tree and James is visibly upset and unhappy when the boy asks him questions.




James doesn’t want Lesedi to know about James’s background and the life he had growing up. But keeping that a secret may just push Imani away for good because as it turns out, James hasn’t been honest with her either.

But James seems to be poking the snake on its nose by sending Lesedi to convince Imani to come back home.

Imani is seeing though this desperation and she

Source: TVSA