Mbali is the Queen of lies. Her birth plan is coming along

Mbali is always lying. She says that she is tired of lying but everytime she’s put in a corner, she lies.

Her mother found out that Mbali is not pregnant but will still give Jojo an heir, her only question was how?

Mbali told her mother the truth that Winnie’s baby is actually Jojo’s baby. Her mother was left in shock to the point that she insisted that they should come clean to Jojo about the baby situation. Mbali as always, continued to lie.


Her husband thinks that she is in hospital because of her mother, little did he know that he is being lied to. Jojo is a good, supportive husband to Mbali but she is taking advantage of that.

Jojo doesn’t see through Mbali’s lies because he trusts her as his wife and doesn’t doubt her at all.

Where do you think Mbali’s lies will lead to?