K Naomi gets dragged after offering her opinion. Check out what caused all this drama

K naomi got married a few months ago and she got dragged for sharing relationship advise.

K Naomi posted a tweet and said that waking up to partner is not enough and that you should do more together. She tweeted that couples should do more activities together and that will led to them getting to know each other More.





She continued to complain about this generation and how they do not take anything seriously. Her advice seemed to rubbed people off the wrong way hence people came for her in the comment sections.

Most people were saying that she has only been married to a little while and now she thinks she has the right to give an advice on marriage. Some even said that she too got married for money so she shouldn’t come here and pretend. Other tweeps were quick to remind her that she too falls part of the same generation she is criticising.

K Naomi’s may had the best intentions when she wrote that tweet but clearly it wasn’t received like that to her followers and the public.

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