Nolo Phiri and Thato Molamu allegedly broke up after two years of dating

Actor Thato Molamu is well known for his portrayal as Nicholas Nomvete in the SABC1 serial opera Generations as a pampered child attempting to break into the advertising world. In 2011, he was cast in the role.

With an Honors degree in Dramatic Art, Nolo Phiri is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand’s School of the Arts. Before this, she studied Fine Arts at the National School of the Arts.



It has been reported that Nolo Phiri of Rhythm City and Thato Molamu of Greed and Desire have been secretly dating since 2020 and are the parents of a daughter. Nolo Phiri is sad to hear that the pair has broken up; the reason for the breakup remains a mystery, but she is not pleased.

‘Nolo Phiri and Thato Molamu, who have been secretly dating since 2020,’ according to Twitter Gossip Report Musa Khawula, are alleged to have broken up.

Before long, Nolo Phiri fell pregnant and they had a baby girl together.

The separation has also left Nolo Phiri in agonizing suffering, according to reports.”

It was shocking to many when they found out about their relationship. Others knew about it but didn’t react when they saw them together on TV or in other media.