Here is everything you would like to know about former Jamie Bartlett whereabouts before he died

David Genaro’s passing: Before he died, where had he evaporated to?Thats alot of questions fans of David genaro have been asking themselves.






Where did the City performer DavRhythmid Genaro ‘Jamie Bartlett’ had disappeared to?

He had been dupped as the best bad guy of all time. His on-screen fight with Mzansi’s best Suffocate Ndlovu probably goes down in the arrangement of encounters books of soapie show as one of the awful and deadly.

Jamie Bartlett was generally famous for his on-screen character, the shameful David Genaro. His staggering way out from Rhythm City indicated the mass takeoff of the exquisite cast. Nevertheless, straightforwardly following his exit, numerous requests had been presented to about where he had disappeared to?

For sure, people had been reaching an undeniable inference and tracking down the man; without a doubt, he had been winning huge since his exit from Rhythm City. Right when he left the show series, he exhibited that he was spreading his wings, and it seems he did. He fired a gig on Hillbrow Tv and radio.

Genaro exit from Rhythm City left Mzansi in shock following 13 years of quality. He surrendered that his exit from Rhythm City was in a proposed to spread his wings, and it seems he is doing thusly.

Apparently we were obviously used to his thuggish side and his unfeeling on-screen character, but his new position on screen is the immediate converse of that.

Genaro is working with a show by the name Hard Topics with Jamie Barlett. Tending to the media, the head of Hillbrow Tv, Hams Hanana, had this to say:

“We decided to have Jamie on the show because of his realness and the way that he appreciates reality. Subsequently, we, as a media stage, consistently bring certifiable and unrefined issues impacting people, especially people of variety and we feel he knows our fight and torture.