“I hope they can pull up” Gash1 reacts to Black Motion

Gash1 has taken it to social media to share that he is a huge fans to the group. The group has allegedly split up and Gash1 hopes that they fix their differences.

He says they are from his hometown in Soshanguve. Gash1 is also from Soshanguve and he is famously known for being on Big Brother Mzansi. Gash1 made it to the top 2 on the finale. Without hem working together, will they be able to make beautiful music like they use to before?



There are so many people who are heartbroken about the news and hoping that they get back together. Many fo their fans including Gash1 don’t know how Black Motion will work separately that is why they want them to work together. Gahs 1 cares for them and that is why he is willing to bring out the positivity around the news of them splitting up.