Dr Winnie Mashaba’s bundle of joy is already learning how to swim. Next stop, kids Olympics.

The country celebrated when the Queen of Gospel Doctor Winnie Mashaba was blessed with a bundle of joy after years of trying. It was a miracle baby indeed who brought nothing but joy to South Africa’s most celebrated artist.

In a video posted on her Instagram handle, Doctor Winnie Mashaba’s bundle of joy is seen floating in what appears to be a tub filled with water.




One will be forgiven for thinking that the boy was already learning how to swim. The brave young man is seen throwing his tiny legs about, almost as if he is doing strokes.

The miracle that happened to our beloved Gospel star proves that nothing is impossible when you believe. She was told that she can never bear children, but God had other plans for her.

We cannot wait to see the bundle of joy possibly at the kids Olympics, plus he has the energy and the physic for it.