Dr Zickie gets dragged for saying this to former Miss South Africa. Check the comments

Dr Zickie finds herself on the wrong side of the tweeting against the Venda people. She tweeted that people from Venda are ordinary, and at that moment, she was referring to former Miss South Africa, Shadufhazho. People did not like it and it was not only people from Venda but anyone who had seen the tweet very badly.

They kept on dragging her about it and then being part of the trending searches or topics on Twitter. She made an apology that she did not mean it in a bad way and she expected them to forgive her for the bad tweet she made. Even though she tried to come forth and try to handle it better without becoming overwhelmed, they never stopped.




After she realised that they were not ready to accept her apology and move on, she hit back, saying “I don’t care,” which made it worse. She deleted the tweet, but from how people are operating on Twitter, they are having the screenshot that is circulating on the social media. They got to her with previous engagements she had with Pearl Thusi.

It is bad because someone like Chris Excel does not stop very fast when it comes to dragging someone on the timeline. This morning, Chris Excel made an earlier tweet about Dr Zickie and the matter gained more momentum and actually, more people realized it and they got it from where it had been hot.

Initially, all of the dragging is in defense of former Miss South Africa and everyone from Venda. At all times, the Twitter community will stand for what is right and will not back down. The more you try to defend or justify your case, the more they attack.

They do not really consider what kind of a person you are based on your title as a politician or superstar. When they are against you, you will not get a chance to win against millions of people while you are just alone. Even though you may have support. One person, like Chris Excel, is willing to fight with you over his keyboard from his phone.