DJ Blackcoffee and his son Esona took nice pictures at Amanda Dandala’s birthday

From the podium, DJ Blackcoffee and his son Esona were both together at Amanda Dandala’s birthday celebration. Blackcoffee mentioned it after the Grammy award, that his son wants to do the same thing his father is doing. He is now also a DJ and they DJ together, which is good mentorship for Esona, being exposed to a huge response from the crowd.


He does not want to follow his father by being on the stage, but they have been wearing the same outfits since the Grammys. Esona is not yet famous for being a DJ, but he loves traveling from one country to the other and he would surely be at a point where he would have to travel alone.




Speaking of a duo travelling together, it is with sad news that Black Motion has become apart and it will never be the same ever again. Their performance will always be more fascinating because they have been together for many years and other people still can’t believe it has happened.

It would be much the same when Esona and Blackcoffee have to perform apart and they have been together this whole time. They would break up or split up, but when an opportunity comes for Esona to travel on his own to the gigs that he has been booked for, they have to be apart.

At the moment, they are having good moments together, and it is like Blackcoffee has found his twin brother as much as they are wearing the same thing. Since he started rolling with Esona, DJ Blackcoffee’s outfit has changed. It was easier for fans and followers to check their brand of clothes.


It is beautiful to see a father and son doing the same thing, and it is becoming like an empire for them. What is also fascinating is how they look the same. It looks like they are brothers, but not a father and a son. At the moment, Esona would be expected to release music also.