LaConco opens up about her failed relationship with former president Jacob Zuma



LaConco recently talked about her failed relationship with former president Jacob Zuma.

In the latest episode of Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Durban, the reality TV star shared shocking claims when speaking about why her marriage to Zuma ended and claimed she was raising their son with her mother.

“I never knew I would be at a stage where I am raising my son with my mom. I never fell in love to be in the situation I am in today. I don’t think the scars will ever heal,” she said.

LaConco said she had previously wanted to keep their relationship private but some people were interested in their love.

“The position I am in, I found love and I stayed true to that love. But unfortunately, there were people who had an interest in that love and made it a public thing when it was not my intention

“No-one gets into a relationship, especially if you are young, to face circumstances I went through. I had to come to a point where I had to accept the situation and these are the circumstances. OK this is it,” she said.

Mzansi reacted to her word,  rallying behind her for being more transparent this season.