An Obsessed Kylie Jenner Fan Arrested For Trying To Sneak Into Her Home

By Lingiswa (self media writer) | 21 minutes ago

Just a month after he violated a restraining order for showing up at Kylie Jenner’s Holmby Hills home, an obsessed fan was arrested this weekend for entering a neighbor’s estate.





TMZ reports Kylie’s security recognized the fan, who has allegedly been spotted at Kylie Jenner’s home on multiple occasions. The man, Jrue Mesgan, was arrested for burglary and taken to jail.

As a result, Jrue Mesgan was subsequently hit with eleven misdemeanors, including trespassing and violation of a court order.

Following Jrue Mesgan’s arraignment on Tuesday, his attorney claimed he was not competent to stand trial. It remains unclear how it will proceed.

Jrue Mesgan’s arrives less than a month after he was charged with a misdemeanor violation of a court order for violating a previous restraining order by showing up to her home and buzzed the gate.

He had been to Kylie Jenner’s house numerous times over the last few months trying to see Kylie Jenner, so she got a stay away order, which he violated in December.

It isn’t the first time Kylie Jenner has dealt with an obsessed fan. In July 2021, a 35 year old man was arrested after he showed up at Kylie’s home and refused to leave until he could declare his love to her. The man was charged with misdemeanor, trespassing and then subsequently released.