Dj Maphorisa has got people talking today

The competition is starting to be tough on the side of Dj Maphorisa, and it looks like the rebrand of his new name Madumane is starting to cause a serious problem for his brand, because most people know him as Maphorisa and now he is also using the name of the rising Madumane who does live performances a lot.



But Maphorisa on the other side is a club Dj and loved by everyone because of his contribution to the music industry where he is also one of the pioneers of Piano music that has taken the country by storm, and many people are worried about how he will handle this two brand.

People might want to book him as the Dj and others want to book him as the performer which might cause a huge blow because he had to prepare for both events as a different person.

But South Africans still think that the brand of Maphorisa is the one that deserves huge recognition in the industry.

Because it has been many years since it has offered the country good music.